“ What you do is just a call, What we do is the next…” is our service philosophy, with it in mind, we offer the following unique services:
1.All around services, including picking up the goods, packaging, inquiring free of charge and customs declaration.
2.Free goods tracing service, you may track your goods by inputting the express code through internet system.
3.One stop service from picking goods to delivering them, and the security can be guaranteed.
4.Transportation associated services: a.International express, air transportation and sea transportation b.Domestic express and air transportation c.warehousing
5.On time dealing with customer claim by 24 hour customer service hot line.
6.Door to door service.

Notice for consignment for shipment:
1.Chargeable weight can be true weight or cubic weight. Cubic weight will be used when 1 kilogram goods with over 6000 cubic centimeters, and the formula is Length*Height*Width/6000=Chargeable weight (KG)
2.The following goods will not be accepted: Flammable and easy exploded, fluid, corrosion, powder, drug, disc, erotics.
3.Claim will be accepted and loss will be reimbursed according to international regulations for whatever loss happened due to our mistakes
4.The sender will pay for the charges for transportation、tax and customs declaration for goods which are refused by receiver when payment should be covered by him.

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